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    If selected as a participant in our REU program, what areas of chemistry research are of interest to you? Please select from the drop-down menus.

  • Our web site lists specific projects that are representative of the research you might participate in if you were selected, and it provides links to the web sites of the research groups. Please select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice projects from the pull-down menus.

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  • Please arrange for two letters of reference from those familiar with your academic work. Even though we are asking for this information, it is your responsibility to request that the letters be completed by these references by the application deadline. The letters may be uploaded through our website. More information can be found on the application page here:
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  • I hereby grant the NSF REU program permission to use the information I have provided here, with the provision that none of this information about me will be accessible to anyone other than the qualified researchers performing the aggregation of information from all applicants and the statistical analysis of that aggregate data, and that these researchers will not report, disclose, or publish any specific information about me individually.
  • Your willingness to participate in this statistical survey will aid the development of this federally funded program. However, your acceptance or rejection of this waiver will in no way affect consideration of you for admission to our REU program.



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  • Your application is not complete until you have sent your academic transcripts to the Nano REU Program.

    There are two ways to send your transcripts, by e-mail, to (with the subject line "2018 Nano REU Applicant Transcript and your name") or by regular postal mail, send your transcripts to:

    Professor Jason Lee
    Nano-Research Experience for Undergraduates
    Department of Mechanical Engineering | University of Connecticut
    191 Auditorium Rd, U-Box 3139
    Storrs, CT 06269-3139